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WinterShort CircleHalfSlacks

WinterShort CircleHalfSlacks

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The Circle Half Slacks combine comfort and style with their unique circular design. Crafted with high-quality fabric, these slacks offer 360 degrees of stretch for maximum flexibility and movement. Perfect for any occasion, these slacks provide a sleek and modern look while maintaining ultimate comfort, there is a rubber band at the back that can be adjusted. Upgrade your wardrobe with the Circle Half Slacks.

Waist Width:
S: 31 cm M: 33 cm L: 36 cm
Hip Width:
S: 53 cm M: 56 cm L: 56 cm
Thigh With:
S: 31 cm M: 33 cm L: 39 cm
Total Length:
S,M,L: all are 39 cm

Fitting Guide:
Fit Info: Basic Fit
Thickness: General
Elasticity: None on Material (But there is rubber on waist)
See Through: No See through
Lining: No lining
Gloss: No Gloss
Touchy: General
Band(Rubber): Yes

Size information in detail
- The size may vary from 1~3cm depending on the measurement position. (unit cm) - Depending on the individual body shape, the length and version of the product will be different. - The detailed size of the product is only for reference when selecting the product, and no exchange/return service is provided due to normal size difference.
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